Veganising Classic Wedding Buffet Food

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When deciding on a buffet menu that will adequately feed a crowd of hungry wedding guests, you'll want to ensure you have a range of vegan options on offer. Veganism has experienced marked growth in popularity in recent years, and there's also been an upward trend in simply cutting back on the number of animal products eaten by those who don't eat an exclusively plant-based diet. Providing vegan options also caters for those with egg and dairy allergies. But what's involved in veganising classic wedding buffet food? Thankfully, it's relatively simple to make a vegan version of almost anything. Here's how to veganise three popular wedding buffet foods:

Sausage Rolls

Who doesn't love helping themselves to a huge platter of sausage rolls while dancing the night away at a wedding reception? It's incredibly easy to make vegan sausage rolls by using a dairy-free spread in place of butter in the pastry and using textured soy protein as a substitute for the ground meat. The soy protein can be seasoned with the typical herbs and spices used in pork or beef sausage rolls, such as black pepper, thyme and sage, and meat-free sausage rolls can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

Smoked salmon sandwiches are a delightful finger food and pair well with prosecco or champagne. It's easy to make a vegan version using ingredients found in most kitchens by using a mandolin to slice gently steamed carrots lengthways. The thin slices are then placed in a marinade of dilute apple cider vinegar, soy sauce, finely chopped nori sheets, maple syrup and smoked paprika. After a day in the fridge, these faux smoked salmon slices can be enjoyed on rye bread with vegan cream cheese, fresh dill and cucumber.

Egg Salad

Egg salad sandwiches are a staple of any buffet, and although they sound challenging to recreate, it's easy to make a vegan version that even tastes like egg. Silken tofu has a soft, creamy texture that's similar to egg mayonnaise, so all you need to do is gently mash a block of this type of tofu, mix with a little vegan mayonnaise and add a sprinkling of kala namak, which is also known as black salt. Kala namak is commonly used across South Asia and has a sulphurous quality that gives it an egg-like flavour.

As you can see, it's not difficult to make vegan versions of common wedding buffet foods. When discussing wedding reception plans with a wedding caterer, ensure they are aware of the dietary requirements of your guests well in advance to allow them to plan a buffet menu that won't disappoint.

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