Two common mistakes people make when handling catering for a funeral

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If you're in charge of catering food for a funeral, below are the errors that people usually make. Read on to learn what to avoid so you can have a nice, respectful event. 

1. They assume the grieving guests won't want to eat very much

When picking buffet options with their caterer, some people mistakenly think that most of the grieving guests will be unable to eat more than a few nibbles. As a result, you may end up requesting an excessively-meagre menu. However, whilst it's definitely true that some people get an upset stomach or find that their appetite disappears when they're sad, there are just as many people who experience the opposite effect when they're grieving.

The latter may, for example, find that they desire large helpings of rich foods when they're distraught and that they find solace in savouring, for example, some roast potatoes or a big slice of gourmet pizza during these moments. As such, those tasked with handling the post-funeral catering should ensure that there is more than just, for example, cocktail sausages, fruit and cucumber sandwiches available for the guests.

2. They don't consider the weather forecast for the funeral date

The other mistake these individuals make is not considering the forecast for the funeral date when they're telling the caterer which foods to make. This is a big error, as funeral-goers will usually need to spend quite a bit of time outside at the cemetery before they eat and so the type of foods they will want may be influenced by the weather they're exposed to during this period.

For example, if the graveside service occurs when it's hot outside, and by the time it is over and the guests have returned to the property where the buffet will be served, they feel very warm, they probably won't have any desire for things like toasted sandwiches and steaming bowls of soup. Instead, they might prefer a selection of cooked cold meats, served with breadsticks and cheese, plus some cold fruit cocktails and a glass of chilled sparkling water or white wine.

Conversely, if they have to go through a lengthy graveside service when it's raining and very cold, they would much prefer to be presented with a buffet featuring hot-from-the-oven crusty baguettes, along with some stew and creme brulee. By keeping the weather in mind, those responsible for the catering can ensure that the guests get to end this sad day with a meal that is delicious and comforting, instead of one which they only eat to avoid offending their host.

If you want to avoid these and other mistakes, consider working with local catering services. 

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