Two Reasons Why It’s Important Not To Skip The Menu Sample Tasting Session Provided By Your Caterer

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If the catering company you've booked for an event has an excellent reputation, then you might think there's no real need for you to go to the menu sample tasting session they have offered to host for you. However, even if you're confident in the caterer's ability to meet your high standards, it's still worth going to this tasting session. Here are some reasons why.

To ensure that the caterer's concept of zinginess, spiciness, creaminess, etc. is the same as your own

One reason not to miss out on this menu sampling session is that it will give you the opportunity to confirm if the caterer's idea of what, for example, a spicy, zingy or creamy dish should taste like aligns with your own personal interpretation of these words. The reason for this is that these food-related terms are subjective. As such, if for example, you've asked them to prepare a lemon cheesecake for the dessert course, and you want it to be extremely zingy, attending the menu sampling appointment will allow you to check that the caterer has used enough lemon zest and juice to give the sample cheesecake the level of tartness and zinginess that you want it to have. Likewise, if you want the pasta dish they'll be making to be very creamy, then you'll need to check their sample to ensure that they've used enough cream, butter and milk to give it the creamy richness and level of decadence that you'd like.

Whilst a catering company with a great reputation will still deliver a wonderful meal, even if you don't sample the menu beforehand, attending this tasting session and asking them to tweak some dishes so that they're even more to your liking is what will make the food at your event one of your and your guests' favourite aspects of the experience.

To evaluate how you feel after consuming certain dishes one after the other

Another reason why it's worth going to this menu sampling session is that it will allow you to evaluate how you feel physically after consuming certain dishes one after the other. The idea of eating a creamy prawn cocktail appetiser, followed by a cheesy portion of lasagne and a dessert of chocolate pie with whipped cream might sound wonderful. However, you might notice, after tasting samples of these decadent dishes in quick succession, that you feel too full because of how rich each of these dishes is.

If you go to the menu sample tasting session and find this out, you'll have the opportunity to brainstorm with the caterer and then come up with a better-balanced collection of courses that include a mixture of lighter and heavier dishes which will leave the guests nicely satiated instead of too full.

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